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SmartMill: The Future of the Forestry Industry through Automation

With SmartMill, the forestry industry benefits from increased efficiency, improved productivity, and optimized profitability thanks to our cutting-edge technology solutions.


SmartMill: Bring your vision to life. With our expertise in the forestry industry, we offer coaching, advice, automated equipment, and training tailored to your specific context, thus propelling your growth and prosperity.


With SmartMill, adopt a new perspective. We harness the potential of automation in the forestry industry to transform your processes and significantly increase your productivity.


SmartMill guides you towards excellence. By leveraging best practices in the forestry industry and automation, we improve the quality of your products, services, internal processes, and equipment, while supporting the efficiency of your collaborators in a continuous improvement approach.

Increase your capacity and profitability.

SmartMill supports you and offers you all the required tools for your business to prosper in a sustainable way.

SmartMill - Jean Bérubé et Danick Dupont - Anciennement de VAB Machines

Smart Lug Loader

Discover the Smart Lug Loader, SmartMill’s lug loader that optimizes your sorting line and increases the profitability of your plant by handling more than 99% of the pieces destined for sorting. The Smart Lug Loader combines speed, versatility, simplicity, and efficiency.

Smart Trim

The Smart Trim is an innovative 3-in-1 system that revolutionizes wood processing by combining the functions of loading, positioning, and end-trimming in a single compact piece of equipment.

Smart Fence

Discover the Smart Fence, our revolutionary intelligent positioning system, specifically designed for sawmills and planing mills that require unmatched precision and reliability during fence operations.

Smart Robot

The robot Motoman of Yaskawa is specifically designed for high-speed palletizing applications. The robot can have 4 or 6 axis in order to make other applications such as a tilt hoist.

Seize all the potential
today has to offer.


SmartMill SLMA Associate Member Spotlight

      SmartMill SLMA Associate Member Spotlight SmartMill is a team of dedicated experts committed to the success of the wood processing industry. We foster the development of sustainable partnerships with all our customers. We design, manufacture, and install state-of-the-art automation equipment to help customers reach their full performance and

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