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MSR Test Bench FLX-800

MSR Test Bench FLX-800: Unmatched precision for measuring the stiffness, the modulus of elasticity (MOE) and the charge for the modulus of rupture (MOR).

MSR Test Bench FLX-800

Wood, as an eco-friendly and economical construction material, often requires rigorous testing to assess its strength and quality. That’s why we developed the MSR Test Bench FLX-800, specifically designed for MSR qualification tests and quality assurance.

The SmartMill MSR Test Bench FLX-800 stands out for its unmatched precision in measuring the bending stiffness, proof load, and breaking load of boards. Easy to use and robust, this MSR testing bench is the most reliable choice on the market to ensure optimal results.

The optimized design and simplified usage of the load cells from the FLX-800 make our MSR testing bench more accessible and efficient for users. This device is also adaptable to the various requirements of the wood industry.

SmartMill’s FLX-800 is the ideal solution for professionals looking for a high-performance, reliable, and easy-to-use MSR testing bench. Trust the FLX-800 to support you in MSR qualification and quality assurance of your wooden boards. Choose the precision and robustness of our MSR proof loader to ensure optimal performance of your wood construction materials.

Why our customers chose the MSR Test Bench FLX-800

Benefits of the MSR Proof Loader FLX-800

Technical specifications

Lumber Size

2×3 @ 2×12

Lumber lenght

6 @ 24 ft


20 ft

Controls and HMI


Servomotor and servo-drive

Bosch Rexroth 2hp

The FLX-800 system. Simple to operate, fast and reliable.

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