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Smart MSR Lug Loader

Discover the Smart MSR Lug Loader: Revolutionize your sawmill with advanced technology, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability.

The Smart MSR Lug Loader is an intelligent lug loader that revolutionizes daily operations in sawmills and planing mills.

This high-tech loader, compatible with over 99% of sorting pieces, is both easy to use and durable, offering flawless execution thanks to the latest vision and automation technologies. Furthermore, it determines the modulus of elasticity (MOE), necessary for producing high-quality MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber.

Among the main features of the Smart MSR Lug Loader are its operation modeled after the Smart Lug Loader, real-time clamp activation options based on the dimensions of the lumber to be loaded, and compatibility with green or dry lumber ranging from 1 x 3 to 6 x 12. Additionally, it is capable of performing MSR classification for dry lumber from 2 x 3 to 2 x 6 and selecting appropriate pieces for green lumber in dimensions from 2 x 3 to 2 x 6. Risk monitoring for accumulation is ensured through power transmission to the servomotor and camera, guaranteeing optimized loading.

The Smart MSR Lug Loader offers numerous benefits, such as maximizing lumber value with a precision level of R 2 = 0.9, automatic calibration without human intervention, and consistent accuracy regardless of chain speed. The user software is programmed on an Allen-Bradley platform, featuring a user-friendly command interface and easy access via a touchscreen.

Moreover, the Smart MSR Lug Loader eliminates the bottleneck at the sorting chain entrance, supports all pieces, exerts no mechanical stress on the pieces, and allows for production gains of up to 50%. It also transforms the operator’s manual labor into a monitoring task and eliminates injury risks.

In conclusion, the Smart MSR Lug Loader is an ideal solution for sawmills and planing mills, optimizing the sorting chain and increasing profitability thanks to its speed, versatility, simplicity, and efficiency. Trust SmartMill’s expertise to provide the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

Why Our Customers Chose the Smart MSR Lug Loader

Benefits of the Smart MSR Lug Loader

Technical specifications

Handle Stock Size

1×3 @ 1×12

5/4×4 @ 5/4×6

2×3 @ 2×12

Timber up to 6×12


MSR Lumber/Timber dimension

2×3 @ 2×6

Handle Lumber/Timber Length

5@24+ ft

MSR grade Lumber

5@16 ft


Up to 200 lugs/min.


8 ft



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