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Smart Lug Loader

The Smart Lug Loader: Optimization, profitability, and performance for your sorting line.

SmartMill Smart Lug Loader product

Discover the Smart Lug Loader, SmartMill’s lug loader that optimizes your sorting line and increases the profitability of your plant by handling more than 99% of the pieces destined for sorting. The Smart Lug Loader combines speed, versatility, simplicity, and efficiency.

The Smart Lug Loader is designed to automatically adapt to most wood sizes, without requiring manual adjustments. A wide range of settings can be modified to perfectly fit your production line, thanks to the comprehensive HMI parameter adjustment. Furthermore, its design, based on that of a rotary lug loader, makes it the highest-performing on the market.
The Smart Lug Loader is extremely fast, capable of loading boards of different sizes at speeds exceeding 200 pieces per minute. Its simple stop-and-load mechanism ensures hassle-free operation while providing smooth and damage-free wood handling.
The Smart Lug Loader easily integrates into your existing facility, regardless of wood size. Its sturdy design and reduced maintenance requirements guarantee worry-free operation and a long service life.
Choose SmartMill’s Smart Lug Loader and transform your production line into a profitable machine, without sacrificing quality and versatility. Trust our experience and expertise to provide the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs, whether you are a sawmill or a planing mill.

Why our customers chose the Smart Lug Loader

Benefits of the Smart Lug Loader

Technical specifications

Stock Size

1×3 @ 1×12

5/4×4 @ 5/4×6

2×3 @ 2×12

Timber up to 6×12

Lumber/Timber Length

5@24+ ft


Up to 200 lugs/min.


8 ft



Mr Jeremy Faircloth
President at Faircloth Forest Products

“SmartMill has a lug loader that handles wide boards, loads fast and fills 100% of the lugs. They also have a vision system integrated into their lug loader to manage precisely the accumulation and assure a constant flow of loading.

When we installed the lug loader, it took our production up 35% automatically. It is almost maintenance free. Smartmill has a great service department. They are very quick to respond to our inquires and to delivery the parts we need. 

Overall, we were impressed by all the features available with their lug loader. We are very satisfied with SmartMills lug loader and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their system in the future.”

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