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MC PRO 2400 HD

Get accurate moisture readings with MC PRO 2400 HD: The ultimate solution for transfer lines.

MC Pro 2400 HD is an accurate non-contact moisture meter, which is easy to commission in transfer lines. It is approved according to the moisture meter requirements in EN14080/EN15497. The innovative design and technique minimize the need for frequent recalibration, accounts for the lumber/timber deformation and temperature.

Benefits of MC PRO 2400 HD

MC Pro 2400 HD uses an innovative pulse technique to make multiple measurements when a lumber/timber piece passes the non-contact sensors. Up to 24 sensors can be installed side by side to cover the length of the wood and detect ‘wet pockets’. Finna Sensors MC Pro 2400 HD is installed in many mills around the world. Over 450 moisture meters for industrial in-line use from Finna Sensors are installed all over the world.

Technical specifications

MC Pro 2400 HD delivers moisture data for up to 24 sensors over RS232 or via TCP/IP (optional).
Output is given as moisture content (average or peak per piece) and temperature.
It also has simple digital relay outputs for 4 moisture limits to directly control a PLC or spray marker.
Integrates with existing PLC.
PC-based and user-friendly software.
Runs are shown in graphs and tables which are stored locally.
SQL database for backing up and showing historic data.

Measurement range: dried wood

Update frequency: every 16ms

Up to 120 stored wood products for automatic recipe selection

Distance to object: 0.98in + timber deformation

Sensor length: 0.6 ft, 1.35ft or 1.87ft

Feeding up to 250 pcs/min

Accuracy within 1%-unit (Standard deviation)