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Smart Fence

Smart Fence: Fencing Innovation for Sawmills and Planing Mills

SmartMill Smart Fence positioning system

Discover the Smart Fence, our revolutionary intelligent positioning system, specifically designed for sawmills and planing mills that require unmatched precision and reliability during fence operations.

This compact and highly accurate system utilizes an optimizer to precisely position the pieces before fencing, whether they are green or dry wood, thus optimizing the fencing process. The main features of the Smart Fence include electric servo-controlled positioning, programmable controls on an Allen-Bradley platform, real-time zero line indication, and real-time cutting data provision.
The benefits of the Smart Fence for sawmills and planing mills are numerous: unparalleled precision for consistent and reliable results during fencing, minimal footprint to maximize workspace, low operating costs ensuring a rapid return on investment, and a maintenance-free design for hassle-free use and increased durability. 
The technical specifications of the Smart Fence include a precision of 0.100 inches, a travel range of up to 48 inches, a speed of up to 200 pieces per minute, a footprint of 36 to 72 inches, and an Ethernet connection mode.
The Smart Fence from SmartMill is the ultimate solution for sawmills and planing mills looking for a compact and high-performance intelligent positioning system to optimize fencing. Make no compromises on precision, ease of use, and reliability, and choose the Smart Fence to improve productivity and the quality of your work in these demanding industrial environments, while making your fencing operations more efficient.

Why our customers chose the Smart Fence

Benefits of the Smart Fence

Technical specifications


0.100 in.


Up to 48 in.


Up to 200 lug/min.


36 to 72 in.



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