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A passion for innovation and our customers prosperity

SmartMill is the transformational leader in the forestry and manufacturing industry, providing automated and innovative solutions that meet market demands.

We take pride in our team of experts, innovative products and services, and environmental mission.

Our Vision

Through our innovative approach, SmartMill strives to be recognized as the transformational leader for the forestry and manufacturing industries. Our automated solutions offer remarkable operational efficiency to help you capitalize on cutting-edge industrial products to meet market requirements.

Our Purpose

SmartMill’s innovative and personalized solutions as well as our employees’ know-how enable us to position the company as our customers’ go-to partner to improve their profitability. We genuinely care about the environment and the optimal use of fibre, which compels us to constantly search for more efficient technologies.

Our Values

Our customers and their success are the reason why we exist.   

Our committed, tech-savvy, client-oriented, creatrive employees are our pride and a key pillar for our business.

Our high-quality products and services are innovative and we design them to help our customers reach higher levels of performance, productivity and profitability. 


Founded in 2014, VAB Machines has been renamed SmartMill when Jean Bérubé eng. and Danick Dupont eng. acquired the company.

From its early days, this enterprise has marshalled all of its knowhow to create automated systems to replace traditional lumber processing equipment. The ultimate goal has always been to offer innovation to mills eager to improve their performance and profitability.

Today SmartMill extends its innovative systems and services to a larger client base seeking to outperform their competition in developing niche markets and quality.

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Why choose us?

Simply because our approach of supporting and transforming your processes through innovation is an undeniable economic lever to improve your performance and ROI.

We support you in this process of change, including the following:

  • Performing a needs analysis and consulting support
  • Introducing an approach to improve your products, your equipment and internal processes
  • Providing personalized training for executives and staff
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