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MC PRO 2500

MC Pro 2500 is an accurate non-contact moisture meter, which is easy to commission in linear lines.

It is approved according to the moisture meter requirements in EN14080/EN15497. The innovative design and technique minimize the need for frequent recalibration, accounts for the lumber/timber deformation and temperature.

Benefits of MC PRO 2500

MC Pro 2500 uses an innovative pulse technique to make multiple measurements when a lumber/timber piece runs through the non-contact sensor. It allows for at least 1000 m/min in feeding speed. The sensor can output incremental readings along a board and thereby create a moisture profile to detect ‘wet pockets’. Finna Sensors MC Pro 2500 is installed in many mills around the world. Over 450 moisture meters for industrial in-line use from Finna Sensors are installed all over the world.

Technical specifications

MC Pro 2500 outputs moisture value(s) over RS232 (TCP/IP optional) in standard or user-defined formats, which can include temperature and moisture values along each board to generate a linear moisture profile. It also has simple digital relay outputs for 3 moisture limits to directly control a machine or spray marker; peak or average may be used for the decision.
PC-based and user-friendly software.
Runs are shown in graphs and tables which are stored locally.
SQL database for backing up and showing historic data.

Measurement range: dried wood

Update frequency: every 16ms

Up to 120 stored wood products for automatic recipe selection

Distance to object: 0.98in + timber deformation

Sensor surface: 1.02ft x 1.83ft

Sensor gap: 1.01ft

Feeding up to at least 1000 m/min

Accuracy within 1%-unit (standard deviation)