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Discover Dynalyse's Precigrader: Accurate and Reliable Wood Sorting through Precise Measurement of Resonance Frequencies and Elastic Modulus (MOE).

Optimize your wood sorting process with Dynalyse’s Precigrader. This system offers numerous advantages for the wood industry, including its user-friendly interface and robustness. With precise measurements of resonance frequencies, length, dimensions, and wood weight, you can achieve reliable and accurate resistance sorting.

The Precigrader allows you to sort both dry and green wood, cut to angle right from the sawmill. Its compact design requires less than 1.5 meters of space in transfer lines, making it ideal for sawmills and planer mills. This advanced system ensures fast and precise sorting according to common classes in Europe (C18, C24, TR26, C30, T15, and T22) and North America (MSR 1650f, 1800f, 2100f and 2400f). It is also used for grading according to Australian grades MGP10 and higher.

Featuring a high capacity of over 180 pieces per minute, the Precigrader meets the demands of high-speed production lines. It provides sorting results such as resistance class, sorting parameters, and length through various communication protocols like RS232, Profinet, and TCP/IP.

Approved according to European standards EN 14081 for structural timber resistance sorting and EN 14080 for glulam laminations, the Precigrader is also certified for MSR grading in Canada and the United States, as well as JAS grading for glulam laminations in Japan.

Utilize the Precigrader to enhance your wood sorting process, emphasizing precise measurement of the wood’s elastic modulus (MOE) and density. Achieve reliable results and optimize the utilization of your wood material while adhering to required standards and certifications.

Benefits of Precigrader

Technical specifications

Precigrader is based on the measurement of resonance frequencies, length, dimension and lumber weight. It is designed to be robust, simple-to-use and offers a wide spectrum of grading applications.

Timber size and length*:

Thickness 0.75 inch – 4 inch

Width 2.36 inch – 11.81 inch

Length 3.93 ft – 23.62 ft

Sawn or planed surface

Dried or green lumber/timber, cut to angle at least in the sawmill

Required space: less than 1,5 meter (5 ft) of a transfer line with lugged chains

Strength grade, grading parameter and length output via RS232, Profinet, TCP/IP. Grade also as relay outputs.

Option: Twin solution for sorting before and after the planer, if splitting is done in the planer.

* Length interval is max 15.74 ft when measured with the optional length reader, i.e. a fixed interval from 3.94-19.68ft  up to 7.87-23.62ft. No limitation in interval for imported length. Various standards and approvals may limit the size and length intervals.

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