SmartMill breaks into the Eurozone with the sale of a Smart Trim system in Germany.

Jean Bérubé, president of SmartMill, confirmed the signing of a new contract that includes the sale and installation of the Smart Trim system to Ante-Holz GmbH, the largest timber producer in Germany.


“This innovative trimming technology, a Quebec invention, is already benefiting of a significant success in Canada and the United States. Today, I am very proud to confirm the breakthrough of the Smart Trim in the European market, hand by hand with one of the largest players in the wood industry in Europe,” adds Mr. Bérubé.


This new partnership confirms SmartMill’s position as a leader in the forest industry with a unique offer of technological solutions for sawmills. In this regard, Mr. Bérubé confirms “we are currently in discussions with other mills in Europe and we are convinced of its success in this new market”


The SMART-TRIM combines three pieces of equipment in one: a Lug loader, a positioning system and a multi-saw trimmer. The result of this technology is the capability to produce infinite lumber lengths.    

SmartMill Smart Trim lug-loader fence and trimmer


Lug Loader

Positioning/Fencing System

Multiple Saw Trimmer


Smallest footprint

Versatility: all possible lengths

Access to value added niche markets

Eliminates production setup time



SmartMill is a team of dedicated experts committed to the success of the wood processing industry. We foster the development of sustainable partnerships with all our customers. We design, manufacture, and install state-of-the-art automation equipment that is a customizable solution to improve the profitability of our clients. SmartMill is present in all Southern Yellow Pine States. 

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