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SmartMill signs representation agreement with Finna Sensors and Dynalyse

SmartMill management team announced the signing of a representation agreement with Finna Sensors and Dynalyse.


“We are very proud to have finalized this agreement with Dynalyse and Finna Sensors that allows them to promote our state-of-the-art equipments and at the same time will allow us to advertise and sale their innovative products” says Jean Bérubé, Eng., president SmartMill.


“With this agreement, we are able to represent their products in eastern Canada, North-eastern United States and South-eastern US as well”, adds M. Bérubé.


The products concerned by this agreement are a true complement to each other’s functionality and are the following:

  • Finna/Dynalyse: Transverse HD Hybrid moisture/density sorting system. An outstanding tool for sorting heavy and frozen lumber by moisture and density.

  • Finna: Planer moisture systems for optimizing grade recovery and yield.

  • Dynalyse: Dynagrade and Precigrader. Two grading tools allowing Timber Strength Grading and wood’s MOE.

  • SmartMill: FLX-400, a test bench allowing to determine the MOE and the MOR of wood boards.


In this regard, “Finna Sensors is excited to collaborate with SmartMill and Dynalyse to create an ideal combination of systems and service, providing valuable solutions for customers in (Eastern) Canada,” said Jason Kovacik, Sales Manager at Finna Sensors


SmartMill, Dynalyse and Finna Sensors aim to provide high-tech solutions in automation for the wood industry in order to help our clients get the maximum of value of each piece of lumber and maximise their profitability in the process.


About SmartMill

SmartMill is a team of dedicated experts committed to the success of the wood processing industry. SmartMill designs, manufacture and install state-of-the-art automation equipment that is a customizable solution to improve the profitability of its clients located in North America.