SmartMill SLMA Associate Member Spotlight

      SmartMill SLMA Associate Member Spotlight

SmartMill is a team of dedicated experts committed to the success of the wood processing industry. We foster the development of sustainable partnerships with all our customers. We design, manufacture, and install state-of-the-art automation equipment to help customers reach their full performance and profitability potential. SmartMill is present in all Southern Yellow Pine States. 

With our most recent installation in the U.S., SmartMill positioned itself as a robot & automation expert:

Here is some of the equipment that SmartMill offers:
SLMA members can see SmartMill as process experts and a key partner in their goal to reach their business achievement. At SmartMill, customer satisfaction is at the heart of their business strategy.

SmartMill latest achievement : The Smart Robot by SmartMill


Boost the productivity of your lumber operation with the SmartMill Smart Robot, an automated solution for the wood industry. Designed to tirelessly perform repetitive tasks, the Yaskawa Motoman robot enhances your production volume with precision and speed.

This robotic technology is built to withstand challenging environments and is impervious to dust, sawdust, and moisture. With capabilities of up to 10 cycles per minute, it handles, processes, stacks, unstacks, and sorts wood more efficiently than any human operator. You can see below our new promotional video of our Smart Robot in action at our customer site located in South Carolina!

The Smart Robot is an easy-to-use system with a fast ROI (return on investment) that can increase your production, or that can fill a gap in a hard manual task for human operators. This allows the company to redistribute operators to another value-added operation in the mill!